Eleven2 Sucks

I’ve been a little turned off from blogging since Eleven2 lost my wife’s site. I’ll just say it, Eleven2 sucks. I’ve been with them since 2006 and their support has dwindled over the years.

They claim that they keep a backup of your data, but when it came down to it, they don’t back up “databases” – check out this quote from their top 10 section of their website:

We back up.
We know. We know. You have a trigger happy finger on the delete key. It happens. We’ve thought long and hard about how we could help you prevent the loss of data, and our conclusion was simple: Develop an automated backup system that not only backs up your data on one server but two. With backup servers located in different areas, these backups are guaranteed to keep you online even in the danger of natural disasters.

Basically what happened is that I asked them to consolidate my different websites under their new VIP control panel so I don’t have to log into different control panels. After that request, Amaze Studios site and Bev’s site was down.

They got Amaze Studios back up, but Bev’s site was down for over two weeks! The support people would not respond to tickets on an average of two days. First they said it was moved to some other site in Texas and that they are working on it, Then they said the database had become corrupt? But when I asked them, don’t they have a copy of the old database before restoring it, and they said they didn’t move it and that out of 400 websites on that server 4 of them became corrupt.

I then started looking for new hosting companies and ended up choosing Fused Network. I called them and a guy named David was very helpful and said that he’ll move all my sites over for FREE! Not only that, their support is very responsive! Their cPanel was customized and very slick, and their FTP didn’t drop connections like Eleven2.

It was like night and day. On top of that, I’m saving over $150 a year!

Eleven2 used to be a great place to host, but after I dropped service, they refused to refund the remaining $148 or so that I paid in advance! Can you believe that? Even after they screwed up! The least they could have done is say, sorry, and gave my money back, then I wouldn’t have made such a stink.

In the end, I learned my lesson. Don’t trust what hosting companies say, back up your stuff. Eleven2 could have warned me and reminded me to backup before requesting something a procedure that resulted in a corrupt DB. We lost the whole year of blogs from when Bev was pregnant his first year of firsts, etc.

To this day, they still refuse to refund my money. If I recommended any of you to go to Eleven2, I would suggest looking for a new hosting company that is more reliable and has better service. Eleven2 simply sucks.

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