Sister went home and my Red Light Incident

Yesterday, my sister went home after completing her 4 week sub-internship at UCSF for Urology. It was great seeing her and she got to spend some time with Ayden.

One thing is for sure, this girl can not pack! I didn’t see everything, but she brought one huge suitcase and another medium sized one, along with her backpack – yet she still had to borrow clothes from Bev! I thought it was hilarious that she packed hangers and a scale!

I sometimes find it hard to believe that we share the same genetic background, but I do love my only sis. She may be high maintenance and spoiled, but I would have to say it is due to the fact that she is a second born, and a girl…

Youngest children, according to birth order theory, tend to be dependent and selfish – as they’re used to others providing for them. But despite the negatives, they’re also quite often the life of the party – fun, confident, and comfortable entertaining others. Read more

It is an interesting article and a short read…

Running a Red Light
On my sister 3rd to last day, I was dropping her off at the Mount Zion Hospital around 5am in the morning on September 24. After I dropped her off, I proceeded to the stop light at Divisadero and Sutter as usual to make my left u-turn to head back to Geary. After I stopped for a second, I looked left and right and just turned, but at that same moment, I realized my freakin error!

But as I would suspect, there just happened to be a cop a car behind me and saw it all happen.


I see people speed through yellow lights all the time and actually run red lights. But noooo, there are no freaking cops around I just had some sort of mindfuck and ran the light like an idiot and boom, a swat team is basically on my ass. Sure, I can blame it on the lack of sleep for the last 3 1/2 weeks, but I don’t know. Indirectly, I blame my sister because if I wasn’t driving her every morning, I wouldn’t have been in that situation. But I did offer her the ride and insisted it wasn’t a problem.

So I have a notice to appear in court for a 2153(a) w / red light infraction. A moving violation is 1 point on your DMV record so I may have to go to traffic school.

I was hoping the cop would let me off on a warning since I have a perfectly clean record. The last ticket I got was in high school.

I’ll have to call and make and appointment. I’ll be sure to update.

On a lighter side of news. Bev went swimming with Ayden last night for his 3rd swim! He looked like he was having more fun this time around! We also think his other molar is coming in because he had a slight fever and has been getting up a few times like before.

2 thoughts on “Sister went home and my Red Light Incident

  1. Vette

    you can do traffic school online if it’s your first infraction. you just have to go to the court and plead guilty. online course is a breeze and you save a lot more money.

  2. Edesio

    Idk its crazy to see how small they are and so innocent .but as time paesss .they’re gonna be druggies, gangsters, ravers, taggers, only a few of these are gonna be good kids. With the gay video games are now a days this generation of kids are screwed

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