Hi Gary – Thanks for your photo scan order. The box with 1971 pictures was completed and mailed back on Tuesday, June 19th. This was very late in the afternoon, so it may have been received at the post office loading dock early Wednesday morning. It was mailed up to SF via US Priority mail and should arrive on Saturday, or Monday. Tracking info via the below link is updated upon delivery.

Hope this is helpful,

WebServices Photo Specialist

Wow! I didn’t realize I sent them 1971 photos. Bev says my box is at home. I’ll let you guys know if it was worth it…

Update December 13, 2007
After taking a few days to sort through my photos, I realized that there were a few duplicates because they probably re-feed photos.

In general, it is good if you need something quick. But for the cherished photos, I would suggest that you scan them.

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